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    This for the technogeek in us. For a monthly service plan for usage and
    $ 250.00 for the Wifi phone, you can talk over your 802.11 G AP. Hope it is any 802.11G AP? ... and what about those ripple protection mechanisms? Just disable that ! :)

  • Hi Compughter,

    802.11 phones have certain problems as of now.

    Down below are some

    1) Roaming Problems.
    2) Hearing and talking problems in conferences.
    3) It claims to have lot of features.[Also with lot of bugs]

    I personally had a hard time with these wifi phones and SIP servers.

    Best Regards,

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    Hi wirelesswizardCWSP,

    Thank you for the warnings, much appreciated.

    What Wifi phones are you using for your networks or deployments? What has seemed to work best for your customers/ users?


  • I used wifi phones from UTSTAR .

    I heard that Spectralink and Cisco have the Best .
    They are a bit costly.

    Best Regards,

  • It's funny you say that because I was going to say that people who've used Spectralink's and Cisco's VoIP phones have complained to me quite a bit about those (battery life, bugs, roaming, etc.). I've also seen first hand the problems with VoIP phones when I was working at the site of another handset vendor (obviously I won't name them).

    The one enterprise product I've gotten positive feedback from is the Vocera wearable VoIP phones. Right now it just looks like the handsets are not quite ready for prime time, but they will get there.

  • Hi Ben,

    I mean to say that Cisco and Spectralink VOIP phones are better among the phones Available. Ans thats what i heard.

    Thanks for mentioning about Vocera .
    Heard good about Vocera too.

    I think it would take some more time for Wireless VOIP to Suceed.
    Still a Long way to go.

    Best Regards,

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