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    Those are my concerns as well. .. I too want to squeeze as much" blood "out of this new standard as possible.

    The IEEE 802.11 Clause 20, HT stations some I have seen have mostly external antenna some that are detachable. There will be gurus and geeks that will test this to the limits just to see if there are any "tricks" to "OPTIMIZE" the throughput and range of the device.

    Here is an antenna that may work to just test the theory: Two of them with the right RP-SMA connectors will

    Using it on the AP that Netgear released as pre-N for the home user might be worth a look.

    Also there is Netgear's model with an internal antenna model for the so called 300Mbps

    Boat anchor?


    Wilmington NC, I lived there for most of my younger life before I joined the military. I know what you mean when you say cheap (more like financially challenged). I think what we need is another Michael Jordan there to stimulate the "Airwaves" in the Port City. Welcome and keep Wilmington Wireless! :)[/quote]

    Yes I've seen that antenna before, I also use hyperlink as a provider for my amps, wiring, and antennas. I notice it has two wires, but the mimo has 3 connections, would you rather just leave that stock antenna there or go with another single cable antenna?

    I have wanted to use this technology but it is almost too new and I did not want to waste mine or my customers money on playing with new hardware and perhaps not working correctly.

    Nice to see a semi local face on this board :) Know of any better places I can move my business to that I hopfully will have better luck with? LOL I'm just skimming by my teeth here in Wilmington. Over 90 different businesses to compete with!!! *shoots myself* and half are not certified one bit or even have any experience, they just read a book, took a businss class and thought they would make millions I guess.

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