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    Read a book and certified --- is that possible? :)

    The only place I know that is happening in Wireless in NC is up near Greensboro. But you can bet there are over 180 WISPs businesses trying to make the megamillions up there too.

    A great RF enabled business to get into is RFID... at least the integration and deployment of this RF foot print everywhere- Big Brother is watching you - the Super Center Walmart Smart Card. It's fear of the future, that keeps people from deploying it. But MARK my word... it is almost unavoidable.

    With RFID and MESH SENSOR networks you can't go wrong or can you?

    How would I even begin to add that to my business? Who here in Wilmington would have a use for it other than walmart? Sorry but I actually do not know anything about Mesh Sensor networks and RFID. :- Have not had a single chance to learn anything about it yet.

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