• You know, it's a funny thing really, but over the last couple of months of having my face buried in voice, voice, and more voice (over wireless of course), it's come to my attention time and again that many times the reason wVoIP isn't working in the field somewhere is because of a sloppy site survey. When I say sloppy, I'm talking about non-optimal for voice systems in particular. SpectraLink, Cisco, and Avaya seem to all agree that in many complex environments (multipath-rich, complex building structure, reflective metals, etc) that using directional antennas to minimize multipath is the best way to go.

    Now, with a bunch of directional antennas, you can totally forget using "Auto-RF" type features. Though Cisco, Aruba, and many of the other leading vendors have these features and they seem to work well in a purely data environment, they seem to come up way short when voice and a complex environment are mixed together. I've been a big fan of these "Auto-RF" type features for data...and I just assumed that they'd work best for voice as well, but apparently that just isn't the case at all.

    Good post Shawn - please feel free to be passionate anytime you like. :-)


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