• Hi,

    Can somebody tell me where I can get pdf or full information of the
    channels, power levels supported by each country for 802.11.

    And some information about regulatory domains and regulatory authority of each country.

    With regards,

  • I, too, am trying to get an accurate knowledge of this area, with great dificulty.

    The Cisco URL given above, which I repeat for convenience,

    1) Does not state if figures given are IR or EIRP. It also makes no mention of the difference which network topology being PtP or PtMP makes. This appears to make this chart less than useful. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
    It does say,
    "An improper combination of power level and antenna gain can result in equivalent isotropic radiated power (EIRP) above the amount allowed per regulatory domain." but this is not specifically in connection with the tables.

    2) Both Planet3 CWNA Official guide Ed.3 and Sybex CWNA books state that 2.4G PtMP has max. IR=1W=30dBm and EIRP=4W=36dBm. By contrast this Cisco doc. says for Americas CCK=20dBm and ODFM=17dBm. Why are the numbers in CWNA books so different? These books, as far as I can remember, make no distinction between CCK and OFDM when stating FCC max. powers - am I right?

    3) Both Planet3 CWNA Official guide Ed.3 and Sybex CWNA books state the same max. power figures for 2.4G PtP and PtMP but their numbers are different for 5G UNII 3. I'd appreciate someone clarifying this.
    Planet3 CWNA Official guide Ed.3, says UNII 3 IR=800mW.
    Sybex CWNA book says UNII 3 IR=1W.
    This is particulary an issue for what I should learn for CWNA test.

    4) Some info. I've seen stated that IEEE also has power limits and that they are less than FCC's. What are the numbers?. I thought this was only FCC domain, right?

    5) I'd really appreciate URLs pointing specifically to FCC docs. which explicitly state these power figures stating IR and EIRP for 2.4G & 5G for PtP and PtMP.

    Regards, MM

  • Hi,

    Check out whether this is useful for you.

    [url] [/url]

    The pdf gives you full information of the regulatory domains and their power and channel regulations for latest Cisco thin/split access points. (October 2006).

    For latest country and their regulatory domain the above pdf is useful.

    And power regulations are different for 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz domain. (May be... because interference is less at 5 GHz range and availability of many channels)

    The above information mainly related to 802.11 standard.If you get more useful information regarding this, please post it in this forum.

    With regards,

  • Hi MuraliMohan,

    It is kind of you reply, however these PDFs do not answer my questions. They relate to Cisco AP power maxima & which regulatory regime they are certified for, not what the FCC & IEEE power maxima are.

    Regards, MM

  • Hi,
    Even I want the accurate information regarding each domain.
    1) FCC 2)EMEA 2) North America (-N) 3)Rest of World (-R) 4) and all other domains.

    Since I could not get these information on internet. Iam relying on cisco product information for our products.

    So... Can anybody give us information regarding these regulatory domain apart from cisco website?.........

    With regards,

  • I am also looking for information on what standards apply to less known countries, such as Madagascar. Does it take ETSI standard products, with 13 channels? It would be wonderful to find a web site with this type of information, to aid professionals who are doing international installations.

    Thanks in advance

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