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    Draft 2.0 Passes

    By Glenn Fleishman

    Special to MIMO + N News

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    [1] There is joy in IEEE-land tonight: The 75-percent supermajority required for the larger 802.11 group to approve the Task Group N Draft 2.0 was reached in a single round of letter (mailed) ballots. 325 voters in the 802.11 Working Group were eligible to vote; 306 did; 231 approved the ballot (83.4 percent). It's now all clean-up of that draft, rather than any chance of additional substantive changes. Because Draft N is in silicon, there's little likelihood of unforeseen technical problems now, too.

    The earlier vote that approved Draft 1.10 to move forward into Draft 2 was 100 to 0 with a few abstentions, but that was a vote of Task Group N by itself.

    Matthew Gast, a voting member, reports that there are 3,163 comments to resolve, including duplicates, with a bit more than half being technical remarks. Matthew notes the draft hasn't per se passed, but as the voting goes into more and more formal realms, the odds of anything changing become lower and lower.

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