• In reading the 4th edition cwna book and the 802.11-2007 standard I am still a bit confused regarding the frequencies used by FHSS.
    In some places I see 2.400-2.4835 GHz mentioned, in other places 2.402-2.480 GHz is the frequency range stated.
    There must be a subtle difference between the two; it could be that one is from the IEEE std while the other is FCC/ETSI, but I am not sure.
    Can anyone clear this up, as it could be in the exam?


  • The 2.400-2.485GHZ range is the "regulatory range". The thing to remember here is the center channel frequencies which start at 2.402 GHZ and increment 1 MHZ for each of the 79 channels up to 2.480. This is true anyway for the USA & Europe with the exception of Spain and France. You may want to reference the standards if you get into country specifics. The test however would be based off the USA unless otherwise noted I think.

    All in all, don't beat yourself over the head on FHSS. In the real world WLAN market it's pretty much dead and I suspect you won't see much of it on the exam.


    Brett C.

  • thanks Brett;
    I wish I could be sure it's not a test item!

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