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    Bruce Johnson Escribi?3:

    My reason for asking is that medical device manufacturers are pushing us to have to have their own SSID for each of their devices, arguing that they could be DoSed by multicast data frames over the RF if they shared the same SSID with other medical devices. This begged the question about what a STA has to process in terms of multicasts on a non-associated (B)SSID.


    --Bruce Johnson

    Here is the reality: Every Wi-Fi device on the same channel within range of each other must share the medium, regardless of the BSSID, SSID, or type of traffic etc.

    It isn't really an issue of what the STA has to process, but to what extent the channel is used. It is unfounded to use separate BSSID's or SSID's to mitigate a DoS attack.

    If you need someone to set them straight, have them give me a call. :)


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