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    Gents, I have been working with a wireless manufacturer & just found out it is not wi-fi certified, so I ask myself this question does it matter? I can see it may create issues with client's but can i please have some input from any CWNE's that may have experienced this. My boss is pushing me to sell / spec this & i dont feel comfortable about that as I am going to be the one having to trouble shoot it when it goes wrong :(

  • Do you really have any choice - I take the attitude the boss is always right. Just make sure that you get something in writing stating that this is the company policy and the way forward.


  • Yes it does matter, I had a similar experience with a Canadian manufacturer of 802.11b/g radios and they are not Wi-Fi certified.

    I worked with a person (he is gone) that recommended these radios on the basis of cheap in price and close to our location, what a mistake.

    I did 3 installs that I did not want to do and each time ran into a different hardware problem or support issue.

    I went back to my boss after each install and said why are we still using this product.

    Now after 3 strikes I will never use this product or anything that is not wi-fi certified.

    There is a bad side to this, guess who has to support these projects, as the radios break down they will be replaced by wi-fi certified radio.

    Why don't you offer the customer the option of wi-fi certified or 802.11 clone, it will be a no brainer.

    I feel sorry that you have a pigheaded boss, I know the feeling, you have the certs not him.

    Good luck in your future plans.

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    Jimmy, thanks for your honest reply, its already caused problems (issue with Intel drivers) so we pulled it out of our corporate network. Still management insist we sell / install it.

    Good point about the certs thanks again for the support. :P

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