• Hi All,

    I understand from the ETSI EN 301 893 Section that only 18MHz channels are allowed within the 5GHz spectrum in Europe, I can accept that 802.11a falls within this range (by the time you look at the various defintions, but can't see that 802.11n channel bonding will be allowed - unless it is counted as two distinct channels. I have had a Wireless vendor tell me that their blanket channel approach (I'll leave you to guess the vendor)is the only technology suitable for 802.11n in Europe as channel bonding won't be allowed in the 5GHz space and so co-channel interference will be a major issue.

    Can anyone confirm that the 40Mhz channels in use by 802.11n in 5GHz is defiently legal in Europe?



  • Hi Dave,

    it's working/legal.
    As you've wrote two channels are used, so in my installation the (Siemens)AP is set to Austria and use channel 36 +upper channel bonding (=channel 40).
    I've no problem to connect with my laptop and get the correct thruput.


  • Thanks for coming back to me Ron,

    I think I was being fed some FUD, I've since found out that the standards that were being quoted were out of date and the newer standards which regulates this is ETSI 301 893 v1.4.1 (I think that this may not actually be the latest version), which to quote the response I got back: -

    "The fixed offset expressed in MHz is now a multiplier of ?¡é?€??N?¡é?€?? where ?¡é?€??N?¡é?€?? is the nominal channel bandwidth as measured elsewhere in the standard. This can be 18 MHz, 20 MHz, 40 MHz, whatever."

    So it is all legal as I was sure it was, and I am now able to confidently quote appropriate standards.

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