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    Now I initiated a multicast traffic in AP x BSS. This will go with highest BSS basic rate at 24 Mbps. Now before transmitting this multicast packet does AP x will transmit cts-to-self or not?

    In conclusion whether ERP Protection is applicable for multicast traffic or not?

    All reply will be highly appreciable.


    First, are you saying that you tested this and it was only at 24Mbps? Data rate is dependent on error rate. Anyway, I'm saying that it won't be at 24Mbps for any other reason (protection etc) except that the AP / STA has determined that it can't properly communicate with the other device at a higher data rate.

    Second, I know of no provision in the standard that states that the protection system should act differently for multicast traffic. I'll look it up as soon as I get a few minutes.


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