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    Do the math and follow the path....

    Cisco bought Navini Networks, they were strictly a WiMAX vendor: Did this marriage stop at just WiMAX? ... I believe not... look at this excerpt from the charter for CAPWAP:

    The CAPWAP WG will strive for extensibility in the protocol design to favor future applicability to other access technologies, especially IEEE 802.16. While accommodation of any access technology other than IEEE 802.11 is not required for successful completion, there are clear deployment advantages if a wide range of access technologies are accommodated.

    What stops Cisco and Linksys from supporting CAPWAP in our homes through service providers who can have multiple 5508's or WLAN controllers that provide you secure-WiFi as well in a package deal? Think about it? Your cable boxes are controlled remotely by the cable company -who sells you a box which is probably a Scientific Atlanta box, that Cisco owns I believe?

    Other vendors like Aruba can do the same thing with CAPWAP. But Cisco has dominance with WiMAX and having CAPWAP capable WiMAX or even LTE devices that acts as femtocells do, may be a move that proves lucrative?

    Just a thought...

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