• We are finalizing our design proposals for moving forward with 802.11n on campus, and I need some insight from other administrators that have world experience with 11n. As I see it, we can enable high-throughput without channel bonding and reap many benefits of 11n while maintaining a 9 channel plan (i.e., UNII-1 and UNII-3). An alternative is to enable channel bonding, which could increase throughput even more-so for 11n devices, but it will inevitably cause an increase in co-channel interference, thus resulting in more collision avoidance - not to mention that 11a devices receive no 11n benefits while still being confined to 4 20MHz channels.

    So the question is, which have you seen result in better performance: channel bonding or more channels?

    I appreciate any and all feedback!

    Ryan @ OSU

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