• I started this topic as an add-on to the GPS discussion currently going on. But, so as to not derail that conversation, I'm posting this seperately.

    If you break an FCC rule, you can be fined or even jailed.

    If you break an IEEE standard there is no one to even slap your wrist. Yes, there may be marketing forces, including you not getting a particular WFA Certification, but nothing as drastic as the Feds coming down on you.

    Personally, I wish the FCC would adopt [i][b]some[/b][/i] of the IEEE requirements. It would really help the entire industry.

  • In particular, the Spectrum Mask (not just band edge measurements) and EVM (signal quality) limits.

    The IEEE specifies 35% as a maximum for EVM, yet I have seen radios running at 90+% that are supposedly FCC approved.

    For 802.11b, EVM should be specified for the preamble and PLCP header together , and separately for the remainder of the frame.

    If you ignore the EVM over the Preamble and PLCP header portion, you risk having a radio that won't be recognized (easily) as generating a valid Wi-Fi signal. This can cause [i]everyone[/i] in the BSA problems.

    This is especially true at longer ranges - the very situation where the "b" rates should be helping you the most.

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