• Anybody get their hands on the newest standard yet? Any fun surprises? I'm doing a little work with 802.11u, and I heard that's been pulled in with this latest wrap-up.

  • The GetIEEE site will eventually have the spec for free. Right now you can buy it.

    I try to collect the sections as they are announced so that I can at least have something if I should ever go looking.

    One of our locations will buy a copy soon, which will be good enough for me.

    I wish we were using "u", but that could only be a very samall segment of our customers list.

  • Hey people,

    I just looked at the getieee site, and you can get a PDF version of the standard for just $5.

    That's much cheaper than what they used to sell it for.

    They don't show a DVD version yet. The printed version is $99.

    If you really need it right now, $5 is a great price.

  • Nice! Thanks for posting -- download mine in 5...4...3..2..1...

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