• I am looking for WLAN client simulation tool for simulating 50 or more clients connecting to the AP and sending some traffic too , I have tried veriwave chassis based client simulation but I am looking for mobile/portable tool by which I can keep moving it from place to place to do my testing. Anyone has tested AP's with large number of simulated clients ?

  • Interesting question.
    I have seen programs which send out dozens of bogus Beacons and even programs that send out fake traffic, but none that make actual connections.   I am betting that someone in academia has one they use. 
    Are you looking for multiple asynchronous connections, traffic, and retries etc.?  Or just multiple simultaneous associations without any real overlapping activity?

  • All my testing has been either with a Veriwave or with actual clients (a cabinet with casters, full of netbooks) running chariot.  There is a serious lack of choice when it comes to 802.11 client simulation tools.


  • Yeah  I am looking for a similar client tool like Fake AP which creates huge beacons, 
    but let me split it this way

    1. Just client association, say huge no of association with WPA2-PSK/Enterprise can trigger  PMK caching issues in the AP2. Client which can stay associated and sent traffic, this will test all the functionality of the AP other than interoperability, power save, backward compatibility(11n,11g,11b etc)  which could be tested only with real clients. 
    Either way I would need a tool/box which I can use to simulate rather than setting up 50-100 real clients for this test. 

  • I'm not a programmer any longer, but it seems to me that you could write a program in Python or Perl that would use your laptop to:
    1. Modify your wireless MAC address
    2. Associate with an AP then
    3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 as many times as you feel necessary.

    If you did that fast enough, then the AP will not have dropped the earlier Client addresses.   If that isn't quite fast enough, then you could fire up another PC doing the same thing.

  • Ixia has a device[size of a linksys soho AP] which simulates 64 MUs. The MUs can get IP from the DHCP running on the AP or you can give the static IP. It supports most of the authentication & encryption types. The limitation with this box is that you can send only ICMP traffic.

  • Hi Ravi,

    Have you got the solution for creating fake clients and associating them to router, Is there any tool to simulate this kind of environment.

    I am also looking for the same information. Please let me know if you knew it.

    I will be waiting for your reply.



  • Hi Ravi,

    I'm not sure whether you are in search of tools to simulate WLAN clients now, but I would like to let you know about WiCheck.

    WiCheck can

    • Emulate 100s of wireless clients (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac), upto 256 clients
    • Run real applications – Facebook, Twitter, Video Streaming, Skype For Business & more
    • Test DFS channels
    • Validate various real-world scenarios with mixed clients & and with only high/low data rate transmitting devices.
    • Scale & load test for long durations (a few days to weeks to months)
    • Check connection & disconnection times at various loads
    • Measure SNR & RSSI at each level
    • Check your network capability for Roaming
    • Test reliability of your network for various security standards along with captive portal at scale

  • Thanks prasanna, 

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