• By Howard - edited: November 2, 2013

    Adhoc networks seem to be disappearing.    I, for one, will be glad to see them go.

    The WFA now certifies Wi-Fi Direct connectivity and Windows 8 no longer supports Adhoc at all - at least natively.  Instead it has what it calls a hosted network - in other words, a virtual wireless network (AP) built into its logic.

    Is anyone still using Adhoc networks?  

    I would be interested in hearing about peoples experience with Wi-Fi Direct.

  • Howard,

    I setup an ad-hoc network at my home a few years ago, just as a study lab in preparation for CWNA.  I have never done it since, nor even seen it set up in the enterprise.  Also, since so many WIPS seem to have a block set for ad hoc (many by default), it really appears to me it is not needed.  I am 'scratching my head' and trying to come up with a scenario where ad hoc would be used and I cannot come up with any uses for ad hoc that an infrastructure BSS cannot do.  (Obviously, you need an AP with infrastructure, but even small USB key APs are available and make setting up a network fast, easy and manageable.)

    I feel it is one of those 'not needed' features for the enterprise, similar to WPS, a poor security model (where WPA2 Personal/Enterprise offers a high security level).   I, too, would like to see it go away.  

    No personal experience with Wi-Fi Direct, other than the basics on how it works.

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