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  • Seen as there is an iPad being given away here, I thought this a good place to bring up this subject. When I first saw what they had done with the iPad the first thought that popped into my head was 'I wonder if this thing would run wireless survey tools'. The size would make it great for carrying around while doing survey's but I suspect that Apple will have it so locked down it will be difficult to get a good tool to run on it. i took a look through the iTunes apps and couldn't see anything stand out there that could be used on this device.
    What do you all think? Can you see this as being useful for your work?

  • Has anyone gotten a closer look at the Ipads Wi-Fi antenna, RF Cable, or RF Connectors?

    Specifically, is there a very tiny "HRS" (for Hirose) on the back flat side of the U.FL style connectors?

    What diameter in inches or mm is the cable, and has anyone figured out the type of antenna - F, dipole, etc - it's too hard to tell from the pictures I have seen.

    While were at it, has anyone done reliable antenna pattern (reception) tests on this baby?

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    Both the iPad with Wi-Fi and iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G have appeared on the Federal Communications Commission’s website. While the documents that are available — the user manual, external photos, and other materials are still being withheld at Apple’s request — provide little in the way of important new information, there are several small discoveries to be made within. Both models of the iPad sport two Wi-Fi antennas, one that is shared with Bluetooth, and one that is not; these antennas cannot transmit simultaneously, are “fed with different power levels,” and are located in different places within the casing. While the exact reason for the dual antenna configuration is not given, it appears to be for reception diversity, allowing the iPad to decide which antenna is working better and switch between them, opting for the higher power version when necessary



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  • I saw this today:

     "Universities start imposing ban on iPad from campuses"



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    I'm setting up Guest WLAN on my Enterprise Network just for "guest users".

    I worked for SunGard and most colleges are thinking or have already done the same as of almost 2 years ago when I left.

    I'd like to know if more colleges are doing the same now?

    Somehow I doubt it, but maybe as bandwidth does cost $$$.



  • Ok, I think everyone has had an opportunity chime in on the iPad...except for me.  I finally got to test one of these things so here goes.

    Pros: form factor, battery life, interface

    Cons: nerd knobs, web browser

    What could the iPad mean for the WLAN engineer? I think this is a great device for making gui config changes except for the possibility of literally fat fingering something. I would definitely use this for my documents ie site maps, IEEE manuals, and wifi books. I would love to see a CWNP App that has all the books in it? Kevin =).... My biggest complaint is that old problem with captive portal "hotspot" pages still exists. By the way, if you put in a walled garden would that resolve the issue?  it is a neat toy, not sure I would I would shell out $800 for the cadillac model but I'm won't judge you if you do.  I seriously doubt I we will see this used as the primary tool of a WLAN engineer at least in this iteration.  There you go short and sweet.

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    "I would love to see a CWNP App that has all the books in it? Kevin =)"

    It's already here!  Can you believe it?  It's called the Kindle App for iPad.  ;-)

    CWNA Kindle Edition

    CWTS Kindle Edition

    CWSP Kindle Edition:

    Seriously though, we don't control the publication/distribution of the study guides, Sybex (Wiley) does.  But the CWNA and CWTS books are both already available on Kindle, and I have a strong feeling that if enough of us hit amazon and click on the "Tell the Publisher! I’d like to read this book on Kindle" link enough times, they'll come around.

  • Looks like the iPad was rushed to market. Its not the first time apple have got a great product out that poorly engineered.

    I dont have an apple product but I will be getting the new generation iPhone this year, hopefully all the bugs are out, they have added the features I want so its caught up with the ithers and rather than the fashion accessory the first gen was its a good product no.

    Lets see what happens after the delayed launch, I am however sure it will evolve and looks better than any of the others on the market and more usable.

  • Typical Apple, the hype way exceeds the product and offers nothing that some other vendor isn’t already currently implementing. When the emperor is seen as naked, Apple will be dust in the IT juggernaut typhoon!

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    If it does not meet expectations...  gift it to someone who loves gadgets.  Simple matter.



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