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  • Actually I read an article a few days on the iPad that was very enlightening. Basically it describes Steve Jobs approach to design is to make a small team that works long hours to design a basic framework of a product. As its a small team they really can't afford the time to put _every_ feature into the product but they focus on designing something that has the basic selling points included and that those things are all very well intergrated into the product. This is why, as we have seen with ipod, iphone and now ipad the first version of the product is lacking in some areas. However, if you look at how those other products advanced over time you can see that often by the 3rd generation the product has all the features you would want. Now this also allows for a failure pretty well. Rather than, like MS and Vista, spending a long number of years developing something only to have it not be what people were wanting, the smaller team means less money put into it and more flexibility to recover from the product not doing so well. I would venture to say from all this that as the launch of the ipad did pretty well, we will see steady advances in features over the next several versions. The initial version is somewhat safe though and may not have all what people are looking for.

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    It may not be what a guy like me likes or thinks he needs but that thing is selling like hotcakes. 

    There were demos available last night at the Apple store but there were none in stock to be sold.



  • I posted on another topic about companies manufacturing £%&$* and this is another example.

    Not tested properly, oh it will be sorted in the next update etc

    NO get it sorted before you launch it. We have to istall it properly whichith firdt generation kit is almost impossible as the developers dont even know how it integrates.

    I have had this problem with everything from drivers to location appliances, its unacceptable especially ater you spend 2 days troubleshooting call tech support and they go "Yeah we know about that BUG?FEATURE, it doesnt work"

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