• GT, thanks for your comments.

    I wasn't trying to say anything about the companies and where they fit in the tiers. It's not based on sales, or technology, but based on mind-share and market-share (OK, I guess sales leads to market-share)

    It was mainly an answer to a student's question on what technologies he should be familiar with in order to advance his career and increase his chances of getting a job.

    My list was to let him know which of the vendors might give him a 'leg up' in getting work in our industry. Having experience working with Cisco, Aruba, and/or Motorola equipment would be a definite plus.

    I agree with your assessments on T2 vendors having technical advantages. That is true! But I can't in good conscience recommend someone setup their lab with only T3 equipment (just because it costs less doesn't mean it will help with their career) and expect to get hired as a wireless specialist.

    Most of what you'd learn in the T2 or T3 equipment and interfaces may be helpful, but somehow the T3 stuff doesn't get the respect in the personnel office on interview day.

    The other thing the list does, was to get people at least thinking about all the variety of options out there for Wireless LAN equipment. It's not all created equal. I think we should encourage a healthy pragmatism when evaluating vendor's claims.

    I hope your career move to Ruckus is turning out better than you'd hoped.

    Have a great Easter holiday with family and friends


    By the way - the 'try harder' wasn't a jab at any company, especially not at anyone's technology, just stating a fact that T2 companies have to 'try harder' to get mind-share of their potential clients. "No one got fired for buying IBM" makes all non-IBM companies have to work just a bit harder in marketing and sales.

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