• Thanks, Kevin.

    Another question CWNE candidates may be interested: What prep materials will they use for the new CWNE cert?

    CWNP recommends the following materials ( for the current CWNE exam. Since the PW0-300 will be retired after October 1, do candidates still need to read all of the materials listed to prepare the new CWNE? Digesting the 1232-page 802.11-2007 standard seems...well, a really time-consuming job (or a nightmare sometimes).

    Since each of the four exams - CWNA, CWSP, CWDP, and CWAP - has or will have its own study guide, one may think that just reading the study guides is sufficient to get the new CWNE cert. Of course, the premise is one has met the application requirements, 2-year Wi-Fi work experience, 2 other networking certs, etc.

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