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    Looking for the latest comparisons; most comparisons are fairly old and mostly cheesy.  I'm particularly interested in dual-band (or at least 5GHz).  I like SMC's feature set, but they appear to only come in 2.4GHz.  Any ideas?

  • I cant comment on SMC as I am not familiar with them but what I do see is alot of vendors saying Dual radio then you look at the spec and its "b/g" on the 2.4GHz and "n" on the 5.0GHz. Cisco have "n" on both so look at the 1142 and 1252.

    Also be not all 802.11n access points are created equal, there are so many options in the spec its probably gona be pretty tough drilling down on a feature by feature basis.

  • It depends on the environment too. For SOHO work, I like the Cisco WAP4410N. It is a small business class not enterprise but it supports a lot of features that other lower costing routers do not. VLAN tagging, isolation, 802.1X, etc. It supporst dual band or you can lock to say 5GHz only.

    For what it is worth...I know you were looking for comparisons but I figured I would chime in about this particular model...

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    I am looking at theSOHO environment.  Would like to have "router" feature-set at least similar to that of WRT54G if not better.  would also like to have some granular control over the wireless settings (i.e. disabling lower data rates, lowering Tx power levels, UNII channel selectable, channel bonding, etc.).  A built-in RADIUS server would also be nice, but not necessary.


    (BTW - does anybody know if a built-in RADIUS server is any less secure than pointing to an external RADIUS?)

  • I'd recommend the Apple AirPort Extreme. Dual band radios, granular control, 4 GB ports, 'guest' network available, works with Macs and Windows, great range, and it just works. (by the way it already has an 802.11n 4x4 chipset!)


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