APs for Haiti

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    Check out the latest blog from Aerohive's Devinator:

    [url=][/url] - reposted here with permissions.

    Aerohive sent APs to our friend and guest blogger Mark Elliott to take to Haiti in his relief efforts with [url=]Mercy Ships[/url].

  • Kevin,

    Great article by the Devinator.

    We lived in the Dominican Republic for a few years and had much contact with Youth with a Mission and Mercy Ships; they docked one of their vessels in Puntarenas (S coast DR,near Haiti). Wonderful organizations! We also know about the Quisqueya Christian School and is an excellent school (now turned into relief center). And Devinator does not need to apologise for his 'shameless plug'--there is not a more worthy organization to support than Mercy Ships. Sad to see him leave CWNP, but very glad for his 'networking' (pun intended...) wth Aerohive.

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