It's a few days old but still smells fresh. :) Wow, just when I finally started to get my head around 802.11n we have 802.11ac and 802.11ad. I made some posts a few weeks back that once 802.11n was pretty much ubiquitious we wouldn't care because we would be working out "ac" and "ad". I wasn't thinking that would be next year. We are are certainly living a ten year century. WGA 1.0 is very close. There are a lot of network engineers out there that just aren't learning Wi-Fi and are completely missing the boat.

  • That's a pretty interesting article Jon. It just goes to show you, the engineers who are learning this now will have a bright future as they will be two or more steps ahead of everyone else in understanding wireless. I just heard that 802.11s would be this year not next year like that article says. Can't wait to see a chip that can flip between all three frequencies as needed.

  • Geez

    Exciting times ahead!

    Do we think it will be difficult from a specialisation or wireless engineer perspective to keep pace with these new standards or will having a solid foundation/advanced knowledge perspective allow us to keep pace with these new technologoes.

    After all we dont even really llok at te wiredd medium anymore, yeah 10gig is out order the module and away we go? Maybe with a cursory glance at fibre performance over distance? The whole ethernet thing is comoditised, will that ever happen with wireless?

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