• This is a pretty tough call.

    Since these Keynotes are used to allowing users to bring their own connectivity, whether it be Wimax, Mifi, Tethered, Overdrive, whatever, it is going to be tough to control all the spectrum in the Air. Face it, when photographers and videographers try to upload great amounts of content, there is no realistic way, beyond bending the laws of physics, to enable fair connectivity.

    In such a connected environment such as the WWDS, unless the ground rules were made quite some time ago, any vendor would have had the darndest of time managing the myriad of connectivity options out there. Apple might have tried to offload some of the traffic by trying to run some wired ethernet cables, so that people would be lured into NOT using their wireless devices. It is pretty sad that Steve Jobs had to practically beg everyone to turn off their stuff, right when the guy yelled "Verizon!!!!!"........... Might be a sign of things to come...

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