• I am guilty too, I ready the play by play. Supporting a large health system, I live in fear when WWDC come around. Steve likes to say that he wants Apple to make the best products. Which I have to say that most of their products are well design with a lot of attention to detail. What I don't see is much in the way of information for folks like us. So, Jobs made the video phone prime time, but no wireless engineer knows how this thing is going to work on their network until it is on it. What ports will it use? I assume it is UDP traffic. Does it have P802.11e or WMM or do I need to make some special considerations for it? Does it phone home to a server for call setup like SIP? Does Facetime use SIP? I think I saw that in the TLA list. When is Facebook adding the Video posting app for the iPhone? When are the video tweets coming? An most importantly how to do I block Facetime until I get some information on it? Or maybe I'll just forward my tickets to Steve Jobs. :( Thanks Steve for making the best products.

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