• Kevin I think you miss the point, this is typical Apple. I?ve had the opportunity over the last few years to be engaged with Apple on various levels, won?t be specific to help conceal my identity, however suffice it to say is that Apple planning is as oxymoronic as ?Naval intelligence?. Set a goal, make sure anyone with any real experience accomplishing it is busy doing something else, and when problems arise bring in hoards of consultants to figure it out. It?s the Apple way, and the same reason that every time they offer me a job I turn it down.
    As to your question a simple ?guest? WLAN to VLAN mapping with VLAN QoS would have done the trick, who cares what the media is able to do, as long as Steve Jobs looks ?golden??
    Please tell me I?m wrong?

    btw still not as funny as W98 crashing on Bill Gates.

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