• OK, I have my post up about the Wi-Fi demo failure at the Apple WWDC. It's on my Computerworld Blog, which is

    The permalink to the article is

    I started by writing about additional radios and 5 GHz, which I believe are the key concepts to high-density Wi-Fi. I want to write more about intrusion prevention, spectrum analysis, etc. but was already at 800+ words. Keep watching CW and and I will post additional material, time permitting.

    Glenn - yes, Xirrus provides both coverage AND capacity through the use of multiple radios tied to directional antennas. Unfortunately, I will not be the presenter in Tampa tomorrow. I'm currently monitoring a WLAN up in Seattle for a bunch of search marketing professionals. It's not as big as WWDC, but we are running 500+ simultaneous connections with literally a handful of devices. Feel free to reach out directly at douglas <dot> haider <at> xirrus <dot> com if you have any questions after the seminar.

    Thanks for the wonderful discussion everyone! The wireless community is so awesome that I am privileged to partake in.


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