• What intrigues me is that we have two experts in Douglas Haider and Ben Miller offering different reasons to the issue at Apple WWDC.

    Now I respect and understand the opinion of both of these guys a great deal. However, I am pretty sure many manufacturers will come out and say they can do this with coverage and capacity. Cisco have pico cell deploymens band select etc, Xirrus use wireless arays, I apologise I am nnot hugely familiar withthe Xirrus portfolio. Most other vendors could deploy sector antennas if they chose to and will have proprietary tricks that they can employ to do this. The proof is in the pudding.

    Last night I watched a YouTube video of Cisco v Aruba on 802.11n throughput with 60 clients in an office and a single access point. It was a Cisco video and believe it or not they won, suprise suprise. Point being Aruba could repeat the experiment and win if they did it. Hey I can screw up a config.

    I think many of the top tier vendors could have done this job

    I like the social engineering trick by Douglas with WWDC FAST as an SSID on the 5GHz.

    However what I think is important is that people are saying "this is what was wrong at WWDC" who have no specific test results to offer their opinion as fact which in some cases it is being suggested as fact. I just offer that these discussions should be offered as opinion rather that stated as fact that appears to be the case with some reports into the WWDC fubar.

    As there is no evidence to support the theories as to wether the issues were due to interference, near far, sabotage or faulty product the theories should be offered as such rather than as fact.

    Please note I am not accusing anyone or pointing fingers just sugesting that when we are in a position to offer professional opinion that we should err on the side of caution and without empirical evidence suggest reasons why issues occur rather than focusing on a single specific issue as has been the case in some reports I have read. Non of which can gaurantee their accuracy. I also doubt that anyone from Apple or the event organisers will come out with an explanation.

    Equally its a great example to discuss as we have seen from our professional perspective.

    Again I apologie if this post offends anyone that is not my intention.

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