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    This is interesting... made great news and why we WiFi guys and gals are a close knit bunch . I am really enjoying the dialogue. Was at the Moscone Center last year for Cisco Networkers 2009. Had no problem with WiFi as they had a team come in and set up extra Cisco 1242 a/b/g APs to make it work for us . Perhaps Apple relied to heavily on the Moscone Center's WiFi set up...Who do they use and what type of APs ?

    [quote]Moscone Center offers free wireless access to visitors in the common areas of each building, including all lobbies and the North/South Concourse.

    [b]This free service is capable of supporting up to 50 users in each public space[/b]. For a more robust or event specific wireless network in these public spaces, please contact us for a quote.[/quote]

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