• I just joined Aerohive networks as Devinator part deux... There to evangelize, engage, speak, and basically help Devin move towards 'World Domination'.

    My first assignment was to write up WHY I moved to Aerohive. The teacher in me decided to share this in a story and analogy. (what better way to share most information...)

    I'd be most grateful if you read the blog, and made comments about my decision. Good, bad or otherwise. All are welcome.

    The logic behind Aerohive's controller-less architecture is going to drive all vendors to the same place. There is just no way to continue to have controllers work with high-speed 802.11n, let alone as we move into the 802.11ac and 802.11ad worlds coming up.

    I thought if I was going to go with any vendor, go with the one with the best vision and plan for the future of Wireless LANs. Hopefully this change will also help me get back into the Podcasting and Blogs at Wireless LAN Professionals. (Any topic suggestions would be welcome)

    Thanks for your support - this a great forum for like-mined WLAN professionals!


  • By (Deleted User)

    Thanks Keith for sharing your decision, the reasons behind it, and a little life lesson in '3 legs are better than 4.' That logic can be applied to many other facets of life.

    It's great to see the CWNE count at the Hive grow as well. Obviously, the Wi-Fi world will continue to look for great things from Aerohive.

  • Since I'm just getting into Wi-Fi technology, I had only heard about Aerohive. Didn't know about the no-controller approach. Pretty cool! I will make sure to check that out.
    Good luck, and thanks for sharing, Keith!

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