• I do like the community and helpfulness one can find here on the CWNP forums.

    But if you are not on Twitter, you should be!

    There are many reasons - but basically its so you can get help, and timely information from other Wireless LAN professionals. Yes - that's also what these forums are for. But the Twitter world is larger than just those who are into WLAN Vendor-Neutral Certifications...

    So broaden your scope - branch out to the 'Twitterverse'. - Marcus and Kevin are very active as well as the CWNP Forum auto cross-posts between systems.

    On Wednesdays, there is this 'hash tag' for #WirelessWednesday when people involved in WLAN's post the Twitter handles of others you might also want to start following.

    Here's my advice. First setup a Twitter account - I'm personally not into the 'handle' type names - it takes too long to remember who is @WiFiJedi vs @WiFiGuru vs @WiFiWhatever - just your name will be fine. A picture helps as well. (Me I'm a fat old white guy and no one wants to look at my ugly mug, so I used a cartoon avatar instead - perhaps I'll fake some people out...)

    Second - DO NOT USE THE TWITTER WEB PAGE... it makes a terrible way to get into the world of Twitter. Use a client. I like 'Tweetie' on my Mac, and Osfoora on my iPad and iPhone. Others swear by Tweetdeck or a whole slew of other Twitter clients. (And don't have Twitter send you SMS... you'll hate it within hours)

    Third - start following other Wireless LAN Professionals. Do a search on #WirelessWednesday or you can check out a list of those I follow at [url=][/url]

    Fourth - enjoy the news, comments, and camaraderie between the other WLAN Professionals who've become friends and share in a love of all things WiFi. You'll also soon learn of others personal lives, what they like to do in their leisure time, and you might find other common interests as well.

    Fifth - get involved. Start responding to others Tweets, and even start writing a few of your own.

    Looking forward to seeing you on Twitter - and go ahead and follow me on Twitter, if you'd like. My short name is @KeithRParsons or at


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