• I'm unable to find much info about infrared security on the web. I'm looking into security risks for using wireless keyboards & mice.


    Michael Dowds

  • Interesting... The communication from mouse or keyboard to computer is usually radio based not light based I believe. I could be totally wrong but the only IR I have ever had with a mouse or keyboard is the mouse ball tracking IR light.

  • I remember seeing IR Mice maybe 6 or 7 years ago, but have seen plenty of IR bridging units for different devices - e.g. Home theater systems.

    These will probably be using IRDA protocols, as the 802.11 Clause 16 IR spec never got used (to my knowledge).

    As far as security goes, I'm sure you've seen the Remote-TV-turn-off devices which, if nothing else, is a TV DOS attack. I'm sure other more significant devices could also be mucked with.

    I do not believe that the IRDA spec contains any security provisions per se, but it has been a very long time since I looked at it.

  • I remember seeing a video of a hat with multiple IR lights and built in circuit board. The device would constantly cycle the common off/on IR signatures of common TVs. The person walked into best buy or some similar store and the TVs were going crazy.

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