• A couple of months ago we ran into to a problem where new Mac clients were not able to pass traffic.
    A little time has passed so the details are a bit fuzzy.. Basically the devices would authenticate, associate and icmp packets would go through. Any tcp based traffic would not. Our vendor (Aruba) had us enable A-MSDU on our controllers. This solved the problem, however it got me thinking. Shouldn't the client know enough based on the advertised capabilities in the beacons/probe responses to not aggregate using A-MSDU? Has anyone else run into a similar situation? Also, any clarification is appreciated.


  • I found an Aruba note that Aggregation is NOT supported - but DE-Aggregation is.

    AND Have you updated your Apple drivers lately?

  • Aruba supports both AMSDU and AMPDU, but AMSDU is not enabled by default. Yes, Mac software is up do date. I guess I'm wondering how a client makes the decision to: 1. use aggregation, and 2. which form to use.

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