• Here's an interesting article I came accross -

    Thoughts, anyone ?


  • My professional ethic prevents me from expressing my true feelings, on-line, over this type of garbage.

    The patent office, and the laws that cover it, need to be re-written to eliminate this type of lawsuit. Even filing a case like this should generate an automatic fine and jail time for the lawyers involved.

  • I've thought for a long time that we should probably move to a legal system like they have in England, where loser pays. So the next time a patent troll comes up with this nonsense there would be lawyers willing to take these cases on simply for the fees they know they would extract from these bogus cases. I'm afraid that the patent troll "industry" is going to explode unless we do something about it.

    I realize it seems unfair to those who have been wronged but it would stop many of the massive amount of frivolous lawsuits that clog our system as it stands now. I also think that those who have been truly wronged would win anyway.

  • Sounds like a.........successful consciencous unshakable methodical beligerent aggressive gifted........ type of lawyer to me??.as so many of them are


  • You're being too kind.

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