• Aruba Networks is seeking a seasoned technical leader to be responsible for the company?s elite Aruba Customer Engineering (ACE) team in the Americas. ACE has two core missions. First, we provide advanced professional-services to strategic customers on both a paid and complimentary basis depending on the situation. Second, we resolve complex customer network problems that require onsite troubleshooting, typically accompanied by high pressure from and high visibility to executives both at the customer and Aruba. It is our responsibility to either prevent design mistakes before they happen, or to find out what is wrong and drive the situation to resolution. The ideal candidate has expert-level knowledge of networking and security technology, experience managing teams of highly gifted engineers, confidence in dealing with customers, and grace under fire. This position is based in Sunnyvale, California and reports to the Director of Professional Services. Relocation assistance is available for the right candidate.
    Primary Responsibilities
    ? Project-Based Responsibilities
    o Manage and grow the ACE team throughout the Americas, expanding the menu of presales engineering services offered to the field and to partners.
    o Successfully identify, scope and deliver services projects to strategic customers that have a significant impact on revenue, customer satisfaction, or network reliability. Ensure that major customers are running best practice designs for maximum performance and minimal problems.
    o Review, improve and advise on all aspects (RF, logical, security, availability, physical installation) of designs for large-scale wireless network deployments created by Aruba, Aruba Reseller or Customer network engineers
    o Help market ACE team capabilities to a rapidly expanding sales organization to ensure continuous takeup in the US, Canada, LATAM and South America.
    o Develop and drive a proactive support model for Aruba?s largest lifetime spend customers to provide ongoing high-touch integration with their network operations teams
    o Define and supervise delivery of a catalog of brief (15-25pp) Design Appnotes that capture ACE best practices for deployment, and convert into written and video forms for internal and external consumption.
    o Define and drive a holistic, structured program for knowledge transfer internally and externally of lessons learned from ACE engagements.
    ? Problem-Solving Responsibilities
    o Manage and grow the internal rapid reaction team that is responsible for staffing onsite troubleshooting engagements at critical customers.
    o Be responsible for upholding the ?100% turnaround on escalations; never lose a customer? quarterly MBO that is the guiding charter for the ACE function at Aruba.
    o Formulate technical action plans for analyzing and resolving problems related to the Aruba deployment, taking charge of complex situations "on the ground"
    o Anchor ACE engineers in the field who need technical guidance, validation of their troubleshooting methodology, moral support/pep talks. Ensure that every necessary corporate resource required to back up the onsite engineers is available and engaged.
    o Coordinate with TAC counterparts to ensure smooth integration of both organizations, and present a united capability internally to the Aruba field, and externally to customers/partners.
    o Correlate and detect issues with a possible common underlying cause, request proactive diagnostic testing to prove/disprove, and alert necessary department managers in Sunnyvale.
    o In coordination with TAC, drive product enhancements with Engineering, QA and PLM organizations to ensure prioritization of critical issues generating disproportionate company impact. Help document business impact of specific issues in quantitative and qualitative terms.
    ? Other
    o Ensure that every engineer on the team is getting consistent feedback and coaching on both their technical and people skills. Go on ?ride alongs? with ACE engineers onsite to observe and provide coaching feedback. Maximize retention by finding out what is truly important to each engineer and make sure s/he is getting the personal space to feel totally fulfilled.
    o Make it your business to be fully aware of the entire product pipeline, providing critical feedback to PLM and Engineering as well as planning for ACE team personnel and/or lab equipment growth to ensure adequate support.
    o Feedback loop to drive usability improvements to ensure new product development constantly improve the supportability and ease of deployment of Aruba products.
    o Be a non-nonsense ?voice of the customer? in internal product & service strategy discussions, willing and able to challenge parochial beliefs that do not align with actual pervasive customer deployment models or operational challenges.

    Required Experience and Skills:
    ? 10+ years designing, implementing, operating and troubleshooting LAN, WAN, WWAN and WLANs and associated enabling server infrastructure.
    ? 3+ years managing a wireless networking services organization supporting complex networking products and installations for a medium to large scale organizations.
    ? Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to communicate effectively with technical and non-technical audiences ranging from individual contributors to executive-level contacts
    ? Specific experience supporting and troubleshooting firewall/security, IP routing, DNS, DHCP, NAT, VPN, Authentication protocols (including RADIUS and LDAP), and Network Management Systems (EMS/NMS)
    ? Solid experience with packet tracing/sniffing tools, RF site survey tools and RF spectrum analyzers
    ? Working knowledge of Linux based network servers and test tools FreeRADIUS, Snort, PktGen... preferred
    ? RF Engineering and deployment experience with a wide range of antenna types is a plus.
    ? BSCS/EE or equivalent required (CCIE is a plus)
    ? Ability to travel up to 75%

    Personal Characteristics:
    ? Leads from the front: Rolls up the sleeves and engages personally as appropriate in customer projects, not necessarily from a delivery point of view but earns both the customer and the consultant?s trust through Aruba?s historical ?high touch? formula.
    ? Approachable demeanor, the ability to build trust with team members
    ? Able to impact at all levels of the organization
    ? Strong attention to detail: the ability to outline a project and dive deep into the details to ensure quality and pride in getting it right
    ? Significant low-level knowledge of modern internetworks and WLANs: the existing team engineers are deeply technical and accustomed to being led by someone who may not be at their level, but who nonetheless can relate to the issues they are managing and direct the overall growth of the team.
    ? Entrepreneurship, sense of urgency: The successful candidate will posses a high energy level which allows them to react to situations quickly and decisively, possessing self confidence to be assertive when taking a position, not afraid to make decisions
    ? Indomitable work ethic: The successful candidate will reject setbacks and will enthusiastically persist until ambitious goals are achieved. He or she will be resourceful and innovative at tackling complex challenges in a timely matter.
    ? Exceptional ability to build relationship and enhance cooperative working relationships
    ? Accountability: He or she should be a results oriented team player who leads by example, holds himself accountable for performance, takes absolute ownership, and champions all aspects the job

    [b]Please send resumes to Tami Galvan at[/b]

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