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Last Post: July 9, 2013:
  • Hello CWNP,
    I don't see any blog topics related to WiFi since last week. There were many information coming from various vendors. Previously it was located in the right, bottom corner of the main page. Why did this area disappear?

  • Hi Acidtea - We've hired a new firm to update our site.  They are now learning how the existing site works so some items will get turned off and on.  We expect to have a completely new by the end of the year (hopefully sooner).  I will take your post as a vote to keep the wireless RSS feeds on the new site.


  • these changes and updates have been going on awhile.

    I have lost interest in the forums. You cant search for anything for it to be any value.

  • Alan,
    We are also frustrated.  The firm we originally hired to work on our site kept delaying until we finally decided to change firms.  I am confident that our current partner can get us back on track.  I am very sorry for the inconvenience you are experiencing and hope to see you back later this year.


  • Alan,

    It is frustrating.  There used to be so much here.

    Hopefully, the new search will also allow multiple search terms :-).

    In the meantime, it is possible to do a limited seach using Google - and with multiple terms.  Here is an example:   phy   802.11ac

    Naturally, replace the terms "phy" and "802.11ac" with your own search term(s).

    Google, itself, has problems which limit its usefulness - evident since they went to an advertising service rather than a great search engine.  But it is still useful.

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