• Hi CWNP Team
       I've passed CWNA certification test and request for certification register via customercare,but i don't receive  any reply message .Please help to checking on it.


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    Thank you for the bump Howard. I'm sorry to hear that you haven't received a response Tan! When did you send it? I'll go look for it personally. 

  • Hi Jules
        Thank you for response ,Please checking for my email is

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    sorry, in the wrong place. have been deleted my comment.

  • You can register your exam results at and request/download your certificate at

  • Am I able to download my certificate if I already requested the certification kit? I'm asking because in the certification tracking section under Certification I have "No certifications to display."

    I have registered my exam results.

  • I think you can download the certificate only while you request the certification kit. I don't see the option to download the certificate anymore after I have placed a request for certification kit.

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    Hi Acidtea! 

    We can send you a copy of your certificate for now if you'd like to send your request to .

    We've launched a new website, and there are a bunch of kinks to work out. Currently we're having issues pushing member data through from our database to profiles.  So if you need anything in particular reach out to our customer care team. They're pretty awesome and can help you with most of your requests. :) 

    Please let me know if you have any other questions I can answer for you!

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