• Hello everyone. I cleared my cwna certification recently. I need to know the next steps as which cert should i be looking for as am currently working in the network design team of a highly reputed Canadian telecommunications firm(im thinking cwdp). Also the sheet i got from the testing center after my exam said i needed to goto but that link's not working. Need help with that too.


  • Congratulations.

    I can't help you with the broken link, other than to say I got the same results, but I can give you my take on the certs.  

    Even when all the links are working there is usually a small delay before even the CWNP gets the results.   There is a schedule, but I don't know what it is.

    If you are doing any work at the MAC layer, i.e. if you need to check packet contents, routing, or handshaking, or spectrum analysis, the CWAP would probably be best.

    Otherwise, I'd say the CWDP would be the way to go.    The best way to tell would be to read through ALL of the Official Exam Objectives and talk to your team mates about it.

  • If you choose to take the CWAP exam next, it will make you a master of L1 and L2 (particularly L2) to the point where everything is very easy to grasp with CWSP and CWDP later on. On the other hand, if you want to take it in stages, digesting a little at a time, you might want to go onto CWDP, then CWSP and finally CWAP. It all comes down to preference as we have no required order of processing.


  • By Howard - edited: November 27, 2013

    Except for the coverage on Spectrum Analysis, I think the CWDP text has a more information on L1 than does the CWAP.   

    About 75% of my job is L1, and I was really pleased with the CWDP book in that regard.

    Although, what I call L1 some people may call L0.

  • Good point sir.

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