• Hi guys,

    i have a big problem, and i hope that somebody can help me.

    I have buy air-mp21-a-k9 hoping to upgrade my AIR-AP1120B-E-K9 but unfortunately don't work. Every firmware load 5101.img file...and not 5501. But loading this file the radio module dont work ("Interface Dot11Radio0, no valid power levels available" ). i have tried to delete all the img file for to see error messages... the ap try to load 5101.img but, of course, don't find it. but without img file che carrier set is desidered: America, instead with img file (5101) is EMEA

    Any idea?



    PS: Sorry for some error in my english


  • A Vx Works IOS upgraded AP will not accept the G module as it is incompatible. the hard ware will not allow it to work. That is a very early AP heck those things dont even support multiple SSID's

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