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    I have my CWNA PWO-105 exam scheduled for next week, I wanted to know what I should prepare during this last week. I have gone through exam objectives , official study book thrice or may be more plus the whitepapers. I have also given the practice tests and scored around 80%. What more should I study? Any advice is valuable and highly appreciated.

    Thank you.

  • Work the tests until your getiing in the high ninetys !!!

    Try not to memorize the tests - but get those scores up.    You really need to know it cold.

  • Thank you,

    Are the practice tests more tough than the actual exam or is it easier than actual exam?

  • I think the practice exams set the tone of the exam questions fairly well - which is one reason to get used to them.   But you do have to read the exam questions very carefully.

    The difference between the book and exam coverage will probably surprise you.   You will probably finish the exam saying "I don't remember reading much on that subject"

    NO BOOK alone can cover everything that is in the "Offficial Objectives",  which is why you'll often read/hear  the phrase "Study to the Objectives" - not the book, and not the practice tests.

    You really need to feel comfortable with all of the material mentioned in the objectives.    Go through it line by line, and look up anything you don't feel comfortable with.

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