• The top couple lines are displayed, then the rest of the page seems to flash by, and then nothing else.

    Win 7, IE 8.

  • Thanks for the heads up!  We've been adding features to the website.  Let us know if you have any more trouble.

  • Still happening    :-(

  • Are you able to send a screenshot to  Our developer is unable to recreate the issue and can only suggest updating your browser.

  • Will do.

    Many  employers control the browsers their employees use - in my case it's IE 8, on a WIN 7/64 system.

    Unfortunately CWNP needs to support many browser versions, and not just the most recent .


  • I determined that it was caused by IE 8.

  • Howard,

    Is there still a problem with the forums?



  • Yes, if I try to use IE 8.  

    I've given up on that, and have switched to Firefox.

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