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  • Hi, I have just brought the study guide and practice tests for CWSP and was wondering when the current CWSP exam will change to a new exam or will PW0-204 be around for sometime? Jan Atkinson - CWNA since 2012.

  • The CWSP is expected to be updated by the first quarter of 2015! 

    CWNP Customer Care

  • thanks for the info.....;)

  • Personally, I tend to think that the exams have gotten slightly easier over time.   If that were going to be the case, then it might be worth it to wait to take the new one.   IMHO the CWSP is a toughy.

    However, since new management is running the CWNP, we don't know how thats going to work. 

    Overall, my recommendation to everyone has been to finish all of the exams as soon as they can.    The only person I know of who really did that was Ray, who seemed to finish them in an unbelievably short time.  

    For a variety of reasons, mostly financial, I haven't been able to follow my own advice  :-(. 

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