• Guys,

    Has anyone have done to use an AP that requires a PoE+ to power on?

    If you guys have, what battery pack did you use to power on the AP?


  • Nix,

    If I understand your question correctly, you are looking for a portable power supply to do PoE on an AP for a site survey.

    There are several options. Some use an APC battery backup to power a small PoE switch to power the AP.  I have seen (do not have link) where a small gel cell or car battery was connected through a wired RJ45 jack that provided the needed PoE power.

    I like the MIMO 802.11n site survey power pack you can find at Terra Wave (about US$180.00).  It is chargeable, provides 6-8 hours of power (802.3af) and you can mount your AP to the unit.  I have an old Sparco unit that does the same thing, but is no longer manufactured (but you might find one on eBay).

  • gcate,

    Thanks for the quick reply. I am going to be using the Cisco 1530 outdoor AP for a customer;.

    I currently have the Terrawave battery pack like the one you have mentioned, but I think the AP 1530 would need PoE+/802.3at.

    I think I might use the APC battery backup and PoE+ injector to power on the AP.

    Also, is there any regulation I should know about doing a site surveying for outdoor?

    And necessary materials that I should know about to create a BOM for wireless outdoor install?

    My situation is, this is going to be my first outdoor survey, and not really familiar how to do it properly.  It is like hotels outdoor, but not bridging buildings just for guest users.


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