• By Amado - edited: March 3, 2014

    Hello Guys, 

    I'm taking the CWNA tomorrow  March 4th  @ 10:00am .

    Any last advice ?

    Thank You !!!

  • Amado,

    Here are a few comments on taking the exam.

    As is seen all too often on CWNP (but, not often enough..), study to the test objectives.  Go over these objectives several more times today.  Review the sections you are not comfortable with (in the study guide or on the web).

    Personally, I watch the clock very closely during the exam. Don't let that cause unnecessary worry, but be sure you are watching your time.  You should have half the questions answered (30 or more) in 45 minutes.  Remember, you cannot mark a question and return to it later...once you answer the question, the exam moves to the next one.  (I think most groups are using this type of testing methodology now, but just a friendly reminder).

    And be sure to respond back to the forums after you successfully pass the CWNA exam!!!

  • Besides the previous post, don't worry too much and get a good nights sleep!

  • Sleep well and believe in yourself!

  • Well don't leave us hanging.

  • Hello Guys, 

    Kind of late  I know , but work was really busy  today !

    I passed 90% , It was one of the best feelings  ever !  It was a long run !  8 months , but it's finally over !

    I'm definitely going for the CWSP  starting  next monday !

    Thank You !! 

  • Congratulations Amado.  Great score!

  • Yes !!!!!!!!!

    Fantastic score.

  • Many congratulations!

  • As the others have said, great score and congratulations. Glad to hear you had a good and worthwhile experience. Good luck on your CWSP journey. The security knowledge is exciting and I think you'll enjoy it too.


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