• Page 42.

    Course should benefit if a figure also illustrates the Signal field ad a frame instead of just text.

    Also mention that the SIGNAL field (24 bits)  will fit nicely in one OFDM symbol transmitted at 6 MHz (48 subcarriers)  according to the table at page 59.

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    p77 figure 3.4

    To DS must be 1 to match the Frame control Fieldl mask and value

    Looking at the address fields confirm this

  • Page 86 6th line under the Protected Frame Field.

    "face" should possibly be replaced with "fact"

  • p86 7th line from end a missing ending quote symbol.

  • Page 90.

    Table 3.3 Mis-alignment

    Bit 14 field data  in first row should be moved  and sit between the two columns

    Bit 14 needs to be 0 or 1 to cover all values up to 32767.

  • p93  row 11. referring to a diagram that is not printed. Same error in first line after the capture in fig 3.21

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