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    Hello everybody

    Before 2,5 months i bought CWSP book and try alone to read and make cd practice tests.Excellent book

    My question's are:

    • CD practice test  are the same with practice tests from the Store?I'm asking you because if it is different i want to buy it
    • Can i start first with CWSP (because i'm more familiar) and then move it to CWNA certification?


  • The tests from the Sybex book are different than the ones on the site. I suggest learning the boom the best you can, doing the questions in the book. When you feel like you really know it well, start taking the questions on the site and it will bring out anything you need to work on.

    You can take the CWSP first, however you won't be CWSP certified until you complete the CWNA. Then you would be certified in both, but I don't think I would recommend that.

  • Neal you are amazing!You answer  so simple to my questions.When i finish this post i'll buy practice tests.Yes i know that i must pass both parts to take finally the certification but there was a mess in my mind about the order.

    Thanks again

  • If you haven't already, I would suggest just buying the test bundle right off the bat if you can. It is great for CWNA and all the rest as well. CWSP has a lot of test pools that I am sure would help a lot. Wish there were some more for the CWAP and CWDP though, hint hint devs. :)

  • Hello everyone,

    I am preparing for CWNA, hopefully I will be ready and pass it on the first try.

    Moving forward,  CWSP is going to be my next step so my question is: Will CWSP exam be updated  any time soon (book/study materials and exam)?

    I am about to buy the CWSP Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam PW0-204), and I would rather get the latest version.


  • Hi SuLa,
    The next version of CWSP is expected in mid to late 2015.  If you are planning to take it before Q2 2015 you should be fine.  Good luck!
    V/r, Brad

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