• I have followed the forum and have been studying the official guide on and off for a few months.  

    CWNP thoughtfully offered me a free practice test for the CWNA when I joined.  Thanks for that.

    My two cents:  

      There are some vague questions in the official study guide. I am sure there is no malicious intent, the text is well written, and I am thankful I had it.  If you can reason through the answers why or why not on each (whether you agree with the author or not) - you are on the right track - regardless of if you agree with the answer.  I would refer back to the text and to the ieee standard  if I could not tell you why all the wrong answers were wrong and all the right answers were right.  

    The practice tests from CWNP were much better written and helped raise the level of complexity of each technology.  I used the same technique for answering the questions as with the study guide.  Why are the wrong answers wrong and why are the right answers right?

    I watched some good videos on Youtube. Hats off to the guys at aerohive.

    I found the test to be clearly written and no question stands out in my mind as vague or confusing.  I worried more about knowing the material than if the questions were tricky.   I am in the U.S. and a native English speaker.  

    Admittedly I didn't get every question right but I am well pleased with my score.

    One last thing that was passed to me years ago before I took the CISSP; take your hand off the mouse when a new question pops up, read the FULL question and ALL possible answers, then place your hand back on the mouse and answer.  That has been so helpful to me over the years to not jump to the "right" answer when there is a better answer further along. 

    Take care and best of luck to anyone who reads this.  


  • I like your "hands off the mouse" idea.

  • I have also recently joined and plan on doing my CWNA test within the next month.

    Where did you get practice tests from? Was it an offer from CWNP?

    Thanks in advance

  • The practice tests are from CWNP - usually available under a couple programs.   Check the Store page if nothing else.

    Even though I tout "Study to the Objectives", I STRONGLY suggest you take the practice exams, and wait until you are getting high 90's on them before you take the exam.

    Unless you have been working wireless for a fairly long time, just reading the book is not going to be enough.   This might work for the CWTS, but not the CWNA.

  • The practice tests I took were through an offer from CWNP.    i intend to buy the bundle for all exams here in the next day or two from the CWNP store. The questions really made me think and explore.

    I absolutely concur with Howard on the high 90s comment as well before you go take the test.

    I agree on the study to the objectives, which the practice exams covered.  The way I am wired I like to know why or why not on an answer.  The CWNA practice test gives good supporting information on the possible answers and the ieee spec provides the rest. 

    I also agree the book would not be enough.

    Best of luck - scott

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