• Hello,

    Having recently got involved in wireless and passed a vendor's certification program, I'm planning on continuing my learning with a vendor-neutral training/certification in order to get a better understanding of the technology - so here I am !

    My plan is to use a few resources:

    • The CWNA study guide - looks like I'm best waiting for the 4th edition to be released
    • Instructor led training, with an authorised training centre - also looks like the course is in the process of the transition, so I'll need to wait till the end of June to get on the new curriculum
    • Then, study hard and take the new 106 exam

    I'm based in the UK, and it looks like there are 2 training partners available: Lever & MarQuest. Anyone here have any experience of using either of these for training?


  • Being in the US, I don't have any experience with those vendors so I can't help you there, but I can give you some suggestions.     I took a CWAP class here in the US and found it very helpful.  

    First of all, make sure they are one of the approved vendors.   There are firms who, charge a lot but, are not offcially recognized. The official classes have their own training manuals that are separate from the materials in the study guide.   These are a good secondary resource, but only the official classes will have them.

    I would not want to rely on just the class before taking the exam.   Read and study as much as you can before you attend the class.   You will  have many more questions for the instructor(s) that way.  

    You are likely to get a small amount of hands-on experience in the class too.   The class will probably be set up so that you can take the exam the last day of the class.    I would recommend you let the information percholate a little longer before you take it though.   

    Be sure you take the practice exams, and get scores in the high 90's on all of them, before you take the exam.

    Best of luck !

  • Thanks for the useful tips.  Looks like I've a little while to wait until the new 4th edition CWNA book is out, and then after that I'll look to book onto an official class.

    Appreciate your advice !

  • Hi,

    Both Lever and Marquest are CWNP Authorized Learning Partners so you can't go wrong with either one!



  • If you are planning on taking the 106, also download a copy of 802.11-2012 (can be found here and read through clause (chapter) 4, General Description.  Don't worry if it doesn't all make sense, and take your time reading it.  Understanding what was and wasn't in the actual 802.11 standard was probably the biggest help for me taking the test.  Lots of great examples and diagrams in the actual standard as well.

  • Thanks - downloaded a copy and will take a look !

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