• Guys,

    I don't often use this as i ask colleagues, friends etc but this is one i really wanted to throw out to the community, while at a meeting yesterday i had a client asking and telling me that he will be removing the 2.4GHz frequency from his wireless network.

    After I had stopped giggling I asked why and his words were no one uses it anymore and I see no benefit, i did try honestly I did to try and stop what I would classify as a really silly thing to do, but he was having none of it.

    Now my question is this has anyone else had this or can see a major benefit or are any other the manufacturers doing this or recommending this.

    Its really important from two levels of course i need to know whats happening in the market but as I work for an RTLS manufacturer  and we only use 2.4GHz tags :)

    So friends colleagues, countrymen, wireless experts what do we think :)

  •  Why pollute the airwaves if there is no benefit ?

  • I think it is unusual, but I have had people ask me about it. I think there is no reason to eliminate the 2.4Ghz band completely. Even if you have DFS channels enabled and 'no" CCI, why rob yourself of extra bandwidth? I think it is silly to do that. Can you disable some 2.4 radios to hedge off some CCI? Sure, if the design merits that. But why just as a course of action? Not to mention that not all devices are dual band. It really comes down to the design.

    I think marketing for certain products and some bad info has permeated this industry at times (as in any I assume), and for better or worse people buy it.

  • I don't see a huge benefit in turning it off for the sake of turning it off.  In fact, the only real benefit I see would be some power savings by not running the 2.4 radios.  

    +1 to the comment about not all clients having dual band, in all of the networks I manage there are at least a handful of client STAs that do not have the ability to use 802.11a bands.

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